About Us

        Shanghai SIQI Industrial& Trading Co., Ltd is a trading company specializing in the importing instrument. We have over 10 years of experience in flow meter and analyzer ,Our business include the mass flowmeter of RHEONIK, Ultrasonic flowmeter of PANA, Moisture,Dew point, Humidity analyzer of GE PANMETRICS, Thermal gas mass flowmeter of EPI . High-pressure gear flowmeter of SMC, Gear flowmeter BNC, Flow switch of BANNA, KEP field secondary display meter products such as: batch controller, on-site display, flow computer, counter, etc. .

     The products are applied in the pharmaceutical industry,petrochemical industry,chemical industry, petrified, sewage treatment, the electricity, food, textiles, CNG, LNG, compressors and add a frozen refrigeration equipment and etc.

     Our company owns professional  technician ,Application engineer and the after-sale service department, They have professional knowledge of products and  rich experience in field, Sales engineer are accepted the professional technical training, We can provide you with high quality products and first-class technical service whether you are select products in prophase , project design, installation, commissioning, maintenance or  retrofit of spare parts,  

Providing high quality products and best service is our company's consistent purpose!

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